Otters on TV

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Week beginning Sunday 9th September 2018

- Monday 10th September 2018 CBeebies 11:25 Andy's Baby Animals - Fishing lessons take all forms. Mum makes it look easy but the fish slip from the grasp of young bears. Oriental darters practice with twigs and leaves. There's not a fish in sight. River otter pups watch as mum's sat nav guides her to the fish
More4 17:55 The Secret Life of the Zoo - Chester's 18 chimpanzees face upheaval when new female chimp Vila arrives from a zoo in Germany. Meanwhile, nine-year-old cheetah mum Kinky Tail is vomiting after meals, and her three-year-old daughter Safi must watch and wait as her mum is taken to the zoo's medical centre. Cameras also follow Asian short-clawed otter Annie, who recently gave birth to a large litter of five pups
- Wednesday 12th September 2018 CBeebies 11:25 Andy's Baby Animals - Finding breakfast takes practice for young animals, and Andy presents a young sea otter watching its mother crack into shellfish and a monkey learn how to crack into tasty nuts