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DAphne Neville with Beenie on her shoulder
Daphne Neville
An accomplished actress, author, speaker and television personality, Daphne has cared for otters at her family's mill in Gloucestershire for the past 20 years. Daphne talks on average once a week on Otters around the world and her own otters in particular. She is always happy to talk to any age groups and any size of audience and has a fund of amusing anecdotes. She was one of the two UK representitives at the 8th IUCN International Otter Colloquium in Chile in January 2001.
Rudi today, a fine figure of an otter
Rudi Otter arrived at the Mill on 23rd December 2006, aged 10 weeks - and yes, he is named after Rudolph the Reindeer! He made his first public appearance at the beginning of February 2007. He is now 10 years old and in his prime
Rudi at 10 weeks old
Baby Rudi
Engagements for 2017
Bee, a Particular Otter
How You Can Help Otters
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Beenie was one of Daphne's otters, who enjoyed painting! All the graphics on this site are from her paintings. Beenie passed away in 2004.
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All graphics on this page courtesy of Beenie the Otter.
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