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Daphne Neville lives in an old corn mill in the Cotswolds, in Gloucestershire.Rudi has a pen along the side of the hill. Two of the streams that run down the hill into the river go through the pen, providing clean drinking water in addition to the various bowls and baths filled by hose!  He also has a choice of snug little houses at the back of each pen, with lots of warm hay to roll on and sleep in. Currently the pens are opened up to make one big pen for Rudi.

The lake, looking from the house upstream

The River Frome runs along at the bottom of the hill, and feeds the lake (2 and a half acres!) and deep, and full of carp and ducks and swans.  Rudi does not really care for the lake, because they are Asian Small-Clawed Otters and look for their food in shallow water and mud instead of swimming in rivers and catching fish.

Sometimes the television people come and film here - the house was used for "The House of Elliot", and recently Carlton Television came and filmed the whole family for their "Heart of the Country" programme about rural affairs.   

Our home, a converted water mill in Gloucestershire
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